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Terms of Use

SCORE Online Counseling

I understand that SCORE services, including but not limited to online counseling and workshops, are provided as services only to citizens of the United States and its territories.

I understand that when I submit a request to participate in online counseling, and when I participate in online counseling, I am signifying that I agree to the terms and conditions of SCORE counseling outlined as follows. I request business management counseling from the Small Business Administration (SBA). I agree to cooperate should I be selected to participate in surveys designed to evaluate SBA assistance services. I authorize SBA to furnish relevant information to the assigned management counselor(s) although I expect that information to be held in strictest confidence by him/her. I further understand that any counselor has agreed not to: (1) recommend goods or services from sources in which he/she has an interest and (2) accept fees or commissions developing from this counseling relationship. In consideration of SBA's furnishing management or technical assistance, I waive all claims against SBA personnel, SCORE, SBDC and its host organizations, and other SBA resource counselors arising from this assistance.

I understand that SCORE counselors are not providing advice pursuant to the authority of professional certifications or licenses that they may hold and I will not treat information provided by SCORE counselors as such. I further understand that I am not entering into a relationship with SCORE counselors that entitles me to client privileges that may be associated with any professional certifications or licenses that SCORE counselors may hold.

Cooperative Agreement

The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) Association is funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) (Cooperative Agreement No. SBAHQ-06-S-0001). The support given by SBA to SCORE through such funding does not constitute an express or implied endorsement by SBA of any of the opinions, products, or services described herein.

Local Chapters

The support given by SCORE to its various local chapters, whether in the form of funding or Web-hosting of local chapter information on this Web site, does not constitute an express or implied endorsement by SCORE of any of the opinions, products or services offered by such local chapters.